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Unlimited Talk & Text $19.95

onlinecalling.net allows you to be able to better run your business, right from your mobile device or your landline


Use Online Calling™ To Increase Sales

You want to get in touch with more people every hour and you can with Online Calling™. Improve your sales, shake up the way your employees work and improve your training with the right auto-dialer. Introducing flexibility to your business is ever a bad thing, and Online Calling™ can improve your sales methods massively!

Fly Into The Cloud

No matter where you are and what you use, you can access your dialing platform!

Dial On The Go

You no longer need to be stuck at your desk, with Online Calling™ giving you the chance to dial on the go. With the click of a button, you can dial your contacts and make your connections.

Analyze Online Calling™!

Use analytics to improve your calls and dial at the right time of day. You can track calls by lead source and quality, so you can see how your agents are performing and you can call at the right time of day at last!

Online Calling™ Analytics

Online Calling™ Analytics

Saving Money: It’s A Priority

Software costs money, but with reliable infrastructure in Online Calling™, you’ll make those savings.

Whether you are a large call center or a one-man-band looking for success, our Online Calling™ auto dialer can change the way you perform. Signing up with our service today gets you dialing the right people right away. There’s no waiting around, no setup fees and no server delays. The best thing that you can do right now is call our team. We offer a unique approach to Online Calling™, which includes unlimited minutes, flat rates and auto dialing capabilities. Whatever your needs may be, we have a pricing scale that will suit you. We tailor our service to you, so all you need to do is discuss with our team what you need today.

Local Dialing Capabilities

With ten local numbers as an option, your users can dial locally!

Vanity & Toll Free Available

Choose vanity and toll free numbers as part of your Autodialer portal.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

If your business needs extensions for all departments and users, you’ll be in good hands with our Online Calling™.

Making Voicemails Personal

Play a customized greeting to any of your customers, improving your user experience.

Voicemail to Email Transcription Available

Access your voicemails via email for ease of use!


Online Calling™ Pricing

Benefit from a hassle-free phone system with no set-up fees, unlimited minutes, and the freedom to cancel whenever you want.

Running a business is hard work, so you need a virtual phone system that you can rely on to deliver results and to meet your business’ needs. Online Calling™ provides a virtual phone system that makes your life easier. With flat-fee pricing and no commitment to long term contracts, you can stay connected without the worry of unexpected phone costs.

Epic Features Available!

When you want to improve your productivity and efficiency, Online Calling™ should be at the forefront of your mind. Streamline your training and boost analytics with the right Online Calling™ autodialer. Our features include:

Be Prepared With Screen Pop

Seeing previous interactions with customers prepares you and your agents for the call ahead. Our Screen Pop feature puts your best foot forward.

Lead Segmentation

Online Calling™ will enable you to segment your lead lists and your customers into categories.

Never Miss A Call

Simultaneous call handling allows you to forward calls to the next available agent with ease.


Interact with customers on a one to one basis or setup a SMS Autoresponder to answer frequent questions.

Voicemail Drop

Move to the next call with ease by dropping voicemail messages to unavailable customers.

Walkthrough Setup & Training Included


Unlimited Minutes

With one cost, you get the minutes you need.

Online Calling™ offers your business a system that incorporates easy billing. You can bank on fewer charges for minutes and overage, and you don't have to worry about penalties when users leave your business in the middle of the month. Our system is seamless, allowing you to transfer user licenses from person to person.

Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited Talk & Text

Online Calling™ Offers Powerful Performance Features

We love features, which is why we have made sure that our autodialer offers you everything that you need for success. You can make a difference with Online Calling™ in your business, and we’ve got amazing features to back it up.

Analyze Your Online Calling™

From time to time you want to check your usage and call traffic. Both of these things can help you to make better business decisions over time!

Call Tracking By Location

Adjust your marketing strategy by call tracking by location. It’s easy and you can spot the trends to help you to maximize your time on the phone!

Lead Scoring

Customize call dispositions for lead tracking, source of lead, and quality score.

Control Feature Access

You can assign your employees their own role and control their access to each feature. Auto dialers have a roll-based dialing platform to make this easy.

Predictive Dialing Mode

Agents can dial up to three numbers at once, tripling their chance of connecting to a new customer!

Call Abandonment Tracking

With Online Calling™, you can track how many calls are dropped and when throughout the day. You can change the rate of dialing at these times, allowing you to avoid the time-wasting trap!


With the help of other 3rd party services and Zapier, Online Calling™ can offer you a host of integrations!

Open API

You can integrate Online Calling™ into any application with the help of our Open API.

Boost Agent Productivity

You need to have agents who are ready and on the ball with their calls and for this, they need to perform at their best. When you track your agent’s calls, you can pinpoint their productivity with their call duration and activity. This can help you with training periods, evaluating your agents and ensuring that they are working to their best ability.

Agent Activity Analytics

Agent Activity Analytics

Start Calling in Minutes

Start Calling in Minutes

Get Calling In Minutes

With no setup fees or complicated training videos, you can get your business rolling quickly with Online Calling™. An easy setup is a must for a business to be working efficiently and quickly and our auto dialer gets you there with interactive walkthroughs and a simple interface. With Online Calling™, you can save time and money by contacting new leads and training your staff, allowing you to focus on other business activities.


Dialer For Those At Home

Working from home doesn't have to mean mountains of equipment to be bought and sent to your staff. Your employees can work from home at a desk or on the go and can remain productive with the right auto dialer. You can ensure that your staff remains productive and motivated and with AutoDialer.net, you can help them to work with their VoIP lines, mobile phones, landlines and more. Allow your employees to be in control of their working day with the right auto dialer for Online Calling™. Online Calling™ allows your agents to be flexible with their working day and gives you the efficiency you need!

Small Business Help

You don't have to have a huge enterprise to benefit from Online Calling™, not with our auto dialer features and capabilities. With the right motivation for your business to be successful, you can ensure that you utilize Online Calling™ technology in the right way. You don't need more than three users for AutoDialer.net; you can strike out alone and be a success, too. Your Online Calling™ scales with you as you grow, which means that we can, too. If you are a small business looking for a boost, why not try out our auto dialer? As you grow, we can add more user licenses to your business and train your employees along the way.

Big Business Boosters

As a larger enterprise, you need a business system that will work well for your company to remain efficient. Our Online Calling™ facility can help you with on-boarding new employees, training them up in our interactive walkthroughs and ensures efficiency as you dial out to your customers. No matter how many users you need to cater for, you can guarantee that you won’t be locked into a contract and you can add and remove users as you need to. This is a system that scales up and shrinks down flexibly, giving you the chance to change your business as you need to change it.

High Security Facilities & Prisons Included

Whether you have a high security facility or a prison call center to run, our auto dialer can help. Offering high levels of security, you can get the protection that you need for your business. Discretion is more than achievable with Online Calling™ and all you need to do is provide your agents with a phone that is locked into dialing one external number.

Supporting Employees

Sometimes, you need your employees to be on the move but that doesn't mean that they cannot be efficient. Your employees can work between client meetings and in the car park if necessary when they have an auto dialer on their phones. Whether it's the laptop, desktop or mobile, your staff can be supported to meet their calling numbers while also reaching customers as needed.

Dialer for Car Dealers & Field Sales Representatives

Maximize your sales agents wherever they are with Online Calling™ analytics. Sales agents need to remain motivated and you can ensure that happens with insight into their call times, call numbers and segmenting their leads. With Online Calling™, you can generate call reports to gain insight into their productivity and sales. You need to engage your sales agents, and it’s much easier to do that when you can boost their call numbers with the right auto dialer.

Dialer for Real Estate Prospecting

If you have real estate agents in the field, then you know that they need to be on the phone to customers as much as possible in addition to Zillow Premier Agent to book viewings and close sales. With the right auto dialer, your real estate agents can prospect efficiently and quickly. You can follow up with clients, book viewings and move onto the next call seamlessly from anywhere with Online Calling™.

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Change Up Your Services

Online Calling™ plans allow you to mix and match services so that you can get the best of everything.

Mix & Match Products

Mix & Match Products

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With no contracts, you save your business the hassle of a commitment every month. Online calling has never been easier!

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